Petra Hudcová – Work in the Archive

12 – 26 Feb 2015

The exhibition takes place at the Art Archive at DOX.

Exhibition opening: 12 February, 6 pm

In her work, Petra Hudcová examines our desire to experience important and evanescent moments in life, and their permanence in time. Her work consists of attempts to capture these ambivalent experiences and related feelings. Her basic building blocks are images – drawings and photographs that she has been working on over the long term. She manipulates these images of the external world, natural scenes and lately also architecture, into abstract spatial video collages. She crosses over into a spatial environment using installations, based on communication of three-dimensional objects with video and the use of light. These methods reflect diverse spatial and temporal impressions, and above all the desire to stop and lock them, and then to give these associative images a different temporality and rhythm that decomposes the feeling of time’s linear passage.

The exhibition at the Art Archive is simultaneously a site-specific installation. The artist used “reflections” of the Art Archive’s space and fragments of materials from its collection.

Petra Hudcová was born in Prague. She lived in Great Britain from 1994, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree from Leeds Metropolitan Univesity, and in 2006 completed her Master’s Degree at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art in London. She currently lives and works in Prague.

Curator: Zuzana Bitalová