Slides (Look Into the Archive No. 7)

19 Feb – 10 May 2015

The exhibition takes place at the Art Archive at DOX, in Small Tower.

Exhibition opening: 19 February, 6 pm

The seventh exhibition from the Look Into the Archive series presents another type of document that the Art Archive collects – slides.

In 1984, Galerie H in Kostelec nad Černými Lesy began collecting slides documenting contemporary Czech and Slovak art. They were stored in a special room and cabinet designed by painter Pavel Mühlbauer, and the folding counter for the slide projector was designed and built by Olomouc sculptor Jiří Žlebka. Most of the slides were taken by painter and director Milan Maryška (1943–2002) and director Dobroslav Zborník (1946–2001), who were intimately involved with Galerie H.

The purpose of the slide collection was to document exhibitions at Galerie H, and to create sample sets of works by at that time unofficial artists. Artist collections were ready for immediate projection in 36-slide magazines. These artists were, among others: Marie Blabolilová, Václav Boštík, Vladimír Gebauer, Jiří Hůla, Zdenek Hůla, Karel Malich, Daisy Mrázková, Pavel Mühlbauer, Jindřich Růžička, Václav Vokolek, Vojmír Vokolek, Jiří Žlebek.

The exhibition also recreates the atmosphere of slide projections in those days – four carousels and slide projectors project images into the darkened space of the Little Tower, on the walls and ceiling; other slides are exhibited on light boxes, in display cases, viewers, and boxes.

Curator: Jan Kuntoš