Space of Light

20 Sep 2018, 8:00 PM

Director JQr and Jiří Málek’s documentary film entitled Space of Light is based on an interview with Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová, in which the famous glassmaking duo looks back at the important moments of their lives and artistic careers and reveal to the viewer the secrets of the complicated technique involved in making fused glass sculptures. It was Libenský and Brychtová who first discovered those properties of glass that in the second half of the twentieth century made it a material suitable for fine art.

The film projection will be followed by a discussion with film makers Jiří Málek and Janek Růžička, Jaroslava Brychtová’s grandson Petr Zahradník, who helped prepare the exhibition. The discussion will also feature important US glass artist and tireless organizer of Czech-American cooperation in the area of glass art, Charles Parriott. This regular participant in glass symposia in Nový Bor, co-organizer of the programme of the summer glassmaking school in Pilchuck, and documentarist of the international studio art movement can speak better than anyone of the circumstances that from the 1960s onward helped bring together two generations of the best Czech and American glassmakers.

This programme accompanies the Chihuly – Libenský – Brychtová exhibition.


Film is in Czech with English subtitles, discussion is held in Czech.
20:40 min

Director: JQr, Jiří Málek
Camera : Jiří Málek
Production: Jiří Málek, Michal Opatík
Film-editing: Ján Krajnák
Focus puller: Ondřej Szöllöz
Sound: Michal Opatík
Sound mixing: Ondřej Anděra, WWW
Producer: Pratt Fine Arts Center, Charles Parriott
Illustration: Vladimir 518
Design: Belavenir, Praha 2010
Photo: Russell Johnson
Acknowledgement :
PhDr. František Kadlec, hotel Intercontinental Prague, Nikola Bohmövá, Pavel Petrlík, Petra
Kazdová, Jakub Lukáš, Kongresové centrum Praha a.s., Jaroslav Zahradník, ak. soch.
Jaroslava Brychtová, Charles Parriott, Mgr. Oldřich Palata, Alena Matějková, Muzeum
Železný Brod, ak. malíř Zdeněk Lhotský, Petra Hauerová, Zdeněk Kovář, Jana Málková,
Martin Mareček, Muzeum Prostor pro sklo, The Corning Museum of Glass