Tereza Vostradovská: Monster Gallery

5 Jan – 1 Feb 2015

The exhibition takes place at the Art Archive at DOX within the project Polička/Shelf.

Opening: 5 Jan, 5 pm

Tereza Vostradovská (1988) is a graduate of the Film and TV Graphics Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and teaches art to both children and adults, especially in the area of animated film and other multimedia techniques. In January, Polička/Shelf will present her early work, which sits on the border between original childhood games and the chosen focus of adulthood. 

The book Obludárium [Monster Gallery] is a catalogue of beastly creatures from the author’s fantasy world that have crossed over into ours. She created them from minute elements of the natural and unnatural world with the fervour and painstaking detail of a children’s game, photographed and drew them, and finally summarized them in an “atlas” that also describes the life of these imaginary species. When paging through Obludárium, we see a love of nature reinforced by an intensive childhood desire to participate in its, we realize the opportunity dreaming gives us to do so, and we can ponder the common thread of fantasy running through nature and man.

Curator: Lucie Rohanová