The GFU Collection

2 Dec 2015 – 17 Jan 2016

The exhibition takes place at the Art Archive at DOX.

Opening: Thursday, 2 Dec 2015 at 6:00 p.m.

The collection of the Institute of Geophysics (GFU) of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic contains the work of artists whose works were featured in this institute’s exhibition space during the Encounters exhibition series, based on cooperation with the Art Archive; in February 2016, it will host a 50th Anniversary exhibition. The artists that exhibited at the GFU have a kinship with scientific research, through their thought-out concepts, original techniques and processes, and above all their effort to express their artistic opinion regardless of current trends and immediate financial effect. They include Marie Blabolilová, Pavel Rudolf, Inge Kosková, Karel Adamus, Jan Wojnar, Pavel Mühlbauer, Jindřich Růžička, Vladimír Gebauer, Pavla Aubrechtová, Jiří Lindovský, Jaroslav Rezek, Dalibor Chatrný, František Hodnoský, Jindřich Zeithamml, or Jan Kubíček, among others.

Similarly to the October exhibition at the National Technical Library presenting the exhibition activity of other institutes of the Academy of Sciences, the exhibition in the Little Tower also commemorates the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the Academy of Sciences.

Curators: Jan Kuntoš, Veronika Rubášová