View into the Archive 4 (Cuttings etc.)

17 Jan – 31 Mar 2013

View into the Archive 4 (Cuttings etc.)

Centre for Contemporary Art DOX, The Small Tower

Exhibition opening: 17.1.2013 at 18:00.

The information system abART ( differentiates approximately 150 types of documents comprising mostly catalogues, books, anthologies, periodicals, posters and invitations. Another large group is a collection of documents saved individually in envelopes and arranged in office binders. Their categorisation in the archive is the same as with standard document types, according to person, group, institution, exhibition or event, document and concept.

We have given a diverse collection (letters, small graphics, bookplates, photographs, New Year's greetings, envelopes, birth announcements, obituaries, occasional prints, stickers, wedding announcements, telegrams, texts, press releases, vignettes etc.) the working title of “Cuttings”.

We process our own cuttings (from newspaper and magazine articles) as subordinate documents.

Superior documents (periodicals) are newspapers and magazines where the article was published.