We can stand on our own feet

20 Apr – 9 May 2011

Paraplegic Union of civil Association organizes a photo exhibition entitled We can stand up on our own feet.
The exhibition's theme is the life of wheelchair users who didn’t get broken by their fate. After injury of spinal cord and spine they will never walk again. They can’t do anything with their health condition, but they can handle their own life. They can do almost anything. They work, study, do sports, engaged in art. They announce to everybody with their life approach and lifestyle that: 
“We are on wheelchair, but we aren’t “on ice”! We can’t walk, but we can take care of ourselves. Our spine is broken, but we aren’t. Even on wheelchair we can stand on our own feet!”

The exhibition is organized by The Paraplegic Union, which associates wheelchair users after spinal cord injury. The association is based on the belief that every wheelchair user has the right to live an active and quality life like before paralysis, and like anyone of us. Paraplegic Union defends the interests of the wheelchair users, influences the community approach to them, and persuades the public that virtually everyone can help. Just a bit of solidarity and respect suffices. Mission of Paraplegic Union and of this exhibition will continue to spread the eponymous nationwide campaign, which will follow up the exhibition.

Exhibiting Authors: Lukas Pelech atelier, Friends´ Factory
Curator of the exhibition: Jana Babincová