Zdenek Seydl and Books

24 Feb – 3 Apr 2016

The exhibition takes place at the  Art Archive at DOX. 
Exhibition opening: 24 Feb, 2016, 6 pm 

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth, the Art Archive is commemorating the book art of versatile artist Zdenek Seydl (1916 – 1978), whose art encompassed an exceptionally broad range of techniques including various graphic techniques, drawing, painting, illustration, typography, textiles and costumes, set design, applied design, etc. For over a quarter-​century, he worked for the Československý spisovatel publishing house, where he designed worked on hundreds of publications, and created a number of series recognizable at first glance, such as Život kolem nás (Life Around Us), Otázky a názory (Questions and Opinions), Dílna (Workshop), to so-​called “Box”, or the well-​known Spirála edition of detective novels, which the exhibition featuring several examples of these. Along with the exhibition, the Art Archive has prepared a richly illustrated two-​part bibliography of Seydl’s book art.

Curator: Jiří Hůla