7 Apr – 14 Aug 2017

How the Information Explosion is Transforming Our World

Is data the new oil, a potentially boundless source of wealth? Is it the ammunition for arms of mass surveillance? Or should it be primarily an opportunity, an instrument for knowledge, prevention, efficiency and transparency, a tool to help construct a more transparent, participatory democracy?

Big Bang Data explores the phenomenon of the information explosion we are currently experiencing. The last five years have seen the emergence of a generalized awareness among academic and scientific sectors, government agencies, businesses and culture that generating, processing and above all interpreting data is radically transforming our society.

We all generate data, with our mobile phones, sensors, social networks, digital photographs and videos, purchase transactions and GPS signals. What is new is that it is increasingly easy to store and process these vast quantities of data that detect patterns (of incidents, behaviour, consumption, voting, investment, etc.). This fact is very quickly and completely changing the way decisions are made at all levels.

Curators: Olga Subirós, José Luis de Vicente

The Big Bang Data exhibition is organized by the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona - CCCB and Fundación Telefónica

Artists and Projects
Horst Ademeit, Timo Arnall, Christopher Baker, David Bowen, James Bridle, Paolo Cirio, Brendan Dawes, FabLab BCN, Gemma Galdón, Ingo Günther, Jonathan Harris, Erik Kessels, Aaron Koblin, Manuel Lima, Georgia Lupi & Stefanie Posavec, Mapa kriminality, Jonathan Minard, Na ovoce, Near Future Laboratory, Florence Ninghtingale, Safecast, Max Schrems, John Snow, Michal Šimonfy, Tam venku, Tekja, TeleGeography, The Public Laboratory, Umbrellium


11 May | 7 pm
ON AIR: Matthew JockersNovel Analytics: from James Joyce to the Bestseller Code. A discussion in the Gulliver Airship on the relationship between big data and literature

Cooperation: Svět knihy s.r.o.

15 May – 20 May
DATA SECURITY WEEK – a series of talks and workshops on data protection and security

25 May | 7 pm

KINOLAB DOX - Data Overload: Collapsed Mind - an evening of film and discussion. The effect of the information explosion and avalanche of data on the human psyche (BYOT – Bring Your Own Translator)

15 June | 7 pm

KINOLAB DOX - Data Overload: Biohack Me! - an evening of film and discussion. Cybernetic body improvement as the future of humanity (BYOT – Bring Your Own Translator)

18 June| 2 pm
ČASOLAP – a programme for young people 13 and up and their parents and grandparents on the subject of digital society (in Czech language only)

21 June | 6:30 pm
UNDER (PRESS)URE – a regular round-table discussion with journalists, this time on the subject of data journalism (in Czech language only)

21 June| 7 pm

KINOLAB DOX - Data Overload: Data in the Hands of the State- an evening of film and discussion. Protection of personal information and the new GDPR Regulation (BYOT – Bring Your Own Translator)
The event is being held at Skatuský institut,
Dům u Zlatého rohu, Staroměstské náměstí 4/1

The initiative "Big Bang Data: Data Security Week and On-line Artist Residency" has been supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
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