Bodies on the Line

7. 4. - 14. 8. 2017

An educational programme from the The Role of Art / Roles in Art catalogue for the BIG BANG DATA exhibition

the “artist” role

The BIG BANG DATA exhibition explores the information explosion phenomenon we are currently experiencing. The quantity of data and their use are changing the way our society works in a fundamental fashion, something that is taking place both with our awareness and without it, voluntarily and involuntarily. We all generate data (our mobile phones, social networks, bank transfers, GPS signal) but what’s new is that it is increasingly easy to store and process vast quantities of information from which it is possible to deduce certain patterns of behaviour, consumption, choice, etc. Are the limits of our personal freedom thus changing?

This educational programme, which aims to familiarize students with the role of the artist and their activities, is based on the varied work of several individuals, on their motivations and frustrations. What about us? What are our problems, what annoys us, and what can we and want to do about it? In the programme, from the very start we search form the meaning of words like “freedom”, “courage”, or “protest”. During a tour of the exhibition we continue to indirectly trace them as we encounter various artistic approaches to the same topic. What is the most important information in the exhibition? And what data will you use to create your own “message” regarding a current problem?

This educational programme contains discussions, activities within the exhibition, and a final “artistic” workshop. Individual parts of the programme are of course balanced and adapted to the age of the group.

The length of the programme: 90 - 120 min 

Target group: primary and secondary school students, special-interest groups

Cost: 400 CZK/group in czech language (500CZK/group in english) + exhibition admission


Exhibition admission: 40 CZK/student (accompanying teachers: free)


This educational programme must be ordered at least two weeks in advance.


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