Bodies on the Line

8. 9. 2017 - 8. 1. 2018

An educational programme from the ROLE(S) IN ART series for the  OVER MY EYES: Stories of Iraq exhibition and Reconstruction of Memory

the “artist” role

The OVER MY EYES: Stories of Iraq exhibition can be viewed from various perspectives. You can watch Iraq through the eyes of local photographers. You can see a parallel picture of Iraq, alongside the one presented by photos from major global agencies. And you can follow eight photographers and lives that continue despite the war. What’s the point? What are the pitfalls? What does photography mean for specific people in a specific place?


This educational programme, which aims to familiarize students with the role of artist, not only within the context of art facility operations, and draws upon the different stories and work of several artists, from their motivations as well as frustrations. What about us? What problems do we have, what troubles us, and what do we want to and are able to do about it? Right from the programme’s introductory activity we search for the meaning of words like “freedom”, “courage”, or “protest”. We continue to follow these concepts as we take a tour of the exhibition, specifically when uncovering various artists’ approaches to the same place, landscape, people, and problem. What is the exhibition’s most important message? And what will your message be concerning the present day and your world?

This educational programme contains discussions, exhibition-based activities, and a closing “art” workshop. Individual parts of the programme are naturally balanced and adapted to the age of the group.

The length of the programme: 90 - 120 min 

Target group: primary and secondary school students, special-interest groups

Cost: 400 CZK/group in czech language (500CZK/group in english) + exhibition admission


Exhibition admission: 40 CZK/student (accompanying teachers: free)


This educational programme must be ordered at least two weeks in advance.


Reservations and other information:, 295 568 104

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