The One World Festival at DOX

6 – 14 Mar 2020


DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
Poupětova 1, Praha 7

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During March 5-14, the DOX Centre will become one of the Prague stages hosting the One World international documentary film festival. Its 22nd year bears the subtitle "Not till a hot January", and will highlight the subject of climactic change and its impact on the local landscape. A total of nine feature films will be shown at the DOX Centre, which were selected based on their thematic and dramaturgical relationship with our current projects and long-term focus. Debates with creators and experts will be held following selected showings.

The DOX Centre is simultaneously the only festival location featuring an extensive VR section. Showings will take place in the VR cinema as well as in specially adapted cubicles in the #DATAMAZE VR space, which critically reflects on the influence of computers and the internet culture on our everyday lives.

Films using VR technology attempt to offer viewers experiential reconstructions and to simplify the cognitive process. Using new, attractive methods they pull viewers into historical events or place them in various difficult to convey situations - they for example provide mental release bordering on hallucination or the ability to say farewell to the last representative of a species on Earth.

The use of VR technologies - from the by now classical 360° videos to holographic gallery experiments - can no longer be seen as mere experimentation. They are becoming a medium with a unique place in the contemporary audio-visual environment.


Every day, three series of films are shown in the VR cinema at specific times. Viewers go to these like they would a standard cinema. Each slot contains two or three short VR films, with each visit to the VR cinema not exceeding 30 minutes. The VR cinema has 30 seats, and reservations can be made either on-line or directly in the DOX Centre. Debates with creators and experts will be held following selected showings.


For a given ticket, viewers can try out at least two projects during the course of an hour, and if time remains, they can take in additional projects. Every viewer chooses their own time of arrival at the exhibition in the reservation system. If a visitor fails to arrive on time, their spot can be offered to others. Upon arrival at the exhibition, every visitor can reserve one project with the head coordinator, to which they will then have priority admission. We therefore recommend that those interested in specific projects arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the slot they have purchased.

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