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DJ Curator: KAFKAesque

The programme for the KAFKAesque exhibition introduces students and pupils to the role of the curator in contemporary art. In a broader sense, it shows the curator as an essential figure in any information production.

Sticking Your Neck Out: KAFKAesque

Programme for the KAFKAesque exhibition and the role of the artist. What is the role of courage and the ability to follow one's own path in any kind of creation? What about us? What fascinates us? What are our problems, what troubles us and what do we want and can we do about it?

Art In Your Pocket: KAFKAesque

What is hidden under the term contemporary art and what paths does art show us? What is a work of art and how to recognize it? And where is the boundary between the work and its author? Educational programme from the permanent offer ROLE (IN) ART for the KAFKAesque exhibition.

From a Different Page: KAFKAesque

Since the invention of writing, text and image have been among the most important means of conveying information and extending memory. Before the internet, the most common medium for this memory was the book. Experience an educational program using Narrative 4 methodologies and KAFKAesque exhibition imagery.

Breaking Down Stereotypes

What are our stereotypes good for? What do they allow us to do and how do they limit us? What can prejudice do? We live in a time and a society in which hate speech is becoming a routine part of our lives.

Hooray, a Mistake

Are my capabilities inherited? Do my own mistakes discourage me from further attempts? Or can I exceed my limits? This educational programme, which uses the methodology of Professor Philip Zimbardo's Heroic Imagination Project.

Drop by

Buildings and their narratives are part of our lives, we can face them (standing, sitting, or lying down) in various ways – we define the sense and size of structures. And in a similar way, structures define us.

#Datamaze: Data Detox

Has an ad on Google every surprised you by promoting something that you are expecting to be delivered tomorrow by courier? Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that your life is being controlled by some sort of algorithm?

#Datamaze: The Magic of Design

Design is all around us - in both the natural and human world. It's an excellent helper, but can also easily become a means of seduction and deception. In the digital world, design defines how we interact with the virtual universe behind the monitor.

#Datamaze: You Are Content

The internet changed the world of advertising. It has become even more omnipresent, but not only that. It is increasingly more difficult for us to distinguish what is and isn’t advertising.

#Datamaze: Fake it!

The Internet and especially social networks make active use of the phenomenon of popularity. The more likes, followers, tweets, posts, blogs, photos… the greater trust people place a virtual identity.

A Fairy Tale about a Factory

What happens to things that have ceased to serve their purpose? What happens with such a building? What function can be found for it, and shall we even seek any? A Fairy Tale About a Factory tells a story about a dilapidated Holešovice factory,

Space for Manipulation

Every place, every building affects us. The fact that often we aren’t even aware of it is another issue. How do we perceive the building we’re in right now? Once upon a time it was an old, abandoned factory, now it is an exclusive gallery.

Gulliver’s Travels Into Fantasy

Where would you like to go if you were able to magically transport yourself? Would it be some familiar place on Earth, a yet-undiscovered island, or a completely fabricated world? Past or future? And what would you bring back with you to our reality?

Gulliver’s Travels into Space

How did an airship come to “land” on top of the strict and clean features of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art? Why is it called Gulliver? What is it made of and what makes it so “different”?

Ordinary Heroism

What do we do when there is a potentially dangerous situation occurring in our vicinity? Do we intervene, or do we leave it up to others? The Ordinary Heroism programme presents a psychological phenomenon known as the bystander effect.

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