Past events 

Exhibition Catalogue: The Ritual of Cursed Hearts

The Ritual of Cursed Hearts, the largest solo exhibition of painter Jan Vytiska to date, has its own catalogue! Meet the artist as well as curator Otto M. Urban for the welcome ceremony, which will feature good music, drinks, and Wallachian legends.

Matters of the Heart: Dehnel, Němec, Háblová

We all have our favourite stories. Even writers themselves have their favourite writers. In this programme, our festival guests will share their favourite stories. Do you want to know what Jan Němec, Jacek Dehnel, and Anna Beata Háblová enjoy reading?

Jan Vytiska's Literary Inspirations

Wallachian and Nordic legends are among the important inspirations for Jan Vytiska’s original paintings. In this guided tour of his current solo exhibition at DOX, The Ritual of Cursed Hearts, you can listen to the stories that are echoed in his works. With Jan Vytiska and curator Otto M. Urban.

Radka Bodzewicz's Literary Inspirations

Join artist Radka Bodzewicz and curator Michaela Šilpochová for a guided tour of the exhibition Beyond Words. During the tour, Bodzewicz will cast some light on her literary inspirations and the way she works with augmented reality.


An open art workshop for children aged 7 and up and adults, where we will breathe new life into discarded printed materials. We will focus on collage - combining text and photographic reproduction. By linking originally unrelated and fragmented texts and images, new, bizarre, humorous situations will be created.

The Universe of Art

An open art workshop for children aged 5 and up and adults relating to the book The universe of art and the current exhibitions of the DOX Centre.

Discoveries, Idea, Inspirations

Participants of creative workshops at the FALL festival will share their experiences, discoveries, ideas, and the results of their creative work. What texts, stories, and architectural models did they create in workshops?

Fireside Storytelling

When was the last time you could listen to stories being told by the campfire? Expect informal atmosphere and shared listening and reading experience. MC: master storyteller Justin Svoboda.

Apeirogon: A True Story

Colum McCann in conversation with Rami Elhanan and Bassam Aramin, the main protagonists of his celebrated Apeirogon. Bassam Aramin is Palestinian. Rami Elhanan is Israeli. Their worlds fall apart after the conflict claims the lives of their daughters: ten-year-old Abir is killed by a rubber bullet and thirteen-year-old Smadar becomes the victim of suicide bombers.