Past events 

Every data has a setting

A workshop exploring ways to redesign technology in a way that makes users aware of the environmental power of their online choices using situated data analysis, design and speculative writing.

Essential Changes

Ostravské centrum nové hudby připravuje další ze série zásadních koncertů. Na koncertě Essential Changes se vedle Ostravské bandy představí také klavírista Ivo Kahánek a sopranistka Irena Troupová.

ON AIR: MoLI – Museum of Literature Ireland

Meet MoLI in a conversation on curating literature in an art space followed by readings from award-winning Irish authors and their Czech translators.

Uroboros Festival 2021

The Uroboros festival of critical and socially engaged design will once again search for answers to the question of how design can help us in an unsettling time of social and ecological crises.

#Datamaze: AI & Synthetic Media

In the context of the latest developments in deep learning and neural networks, we are witnessing a fast expansion of AI-generated synthetic media circulating the Internet, including the fake audiovisual information known as deepfakes.

#Datamaze: Personal Data & Political Influence

You may have heard that political ads are being micro-targeted to you, but what does that really mean? In this workshop, Varoon Bashyakarla, a data scientist, will explain the ways that personal information is being collected, analyzed, and leveraged for political influence.

DOX live: Iben Nagel Rasmussen

Come meet Iben Nagel Rasmussen, a global theatrical legend, in a DOX Live interview on the DOX Facebook page, and accept out invitation to an exceptional five-day movement workshop with Iben that isn't restricted to only dance and theatre students.

Goldberg Variations – cancelled

After two years composer and pianist Dan Tepfer returns to the 15th American Spring Festival. For the first time in the Czech Republic he will present his project Goldberg Variations.

The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble – online

Daniel Brandt, Jon Brauer, and Paul Frick are classically-trained musicians from Berlin who have become known around the world for their groundbreaking experiments in both electronic and acoustic music.