Past events 

Klangforum Wien II.

The final concert of the second edition of the Prague Offspring will bring the premiere of five new works written directly for Klangforum Wien on commission from the Prague Spring Festival and the most important work by composer-in-residence Georg Friedrich Haas.

Georg Friedrich Haas in Conversation

You won't get all the answers, but why not give it a try? Prague Offspring's composer-in-residence Georg Friedrich Haas under fire of questions from Prague Spring Festival dramaturge Josef Třeštík.

Reading Lessons Klangforum Wien

Public rehearsal of works by students of composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno.


A dramatic film based on the composition by Georg Friedrich Haas bearing the same title, in which the composer’s wife, actress and performer Mollena Williams-Haas tells the story of a journey into the heart of an alcoholic woman fighting her worst demon – the HYENA.

Klangforum Wien I.

One of the most important ensembles specialising in contemporary music, Klangforum Wien, will perform at the DOX+ Multifunctional Hall as part of the Prague Spring Festival.


The unique production combines a physical theatre performance with live music and a film starring child actors of Farm in the Cave studio to communicate an urgent, yet widely overlooked, topic – the online radicalisation of youth. The performers' dynamic movement, the pulse of live music, and disturbing images together create an unusual insight into the digital darkness that most of us are – perhaps intentionally – unaware of.

Launch of the catalogue The Pain of Others

The exhibition The Pain of Others is coming to a close, but the importance of the theme it has brought will be carried forward by its catalogue. The catalogue will be released on 14 May.

In a Moment

Luboš Soukup, one of our finest saxophonists, will perform his new composition for an unconventional ensemble combining the Radio Symphony and the jazz Concept Art Orchestra during this special evening.

Riley: In C & Young: Composition 1960

Jazz, indické rágy, psychedelické drogy, webernovský serialismus, japonské gagaku, cageovský přístup k tichu a náhodě, to vše ovlivnilo tvorbu La Monte Younga i Terryho Rileyho. Nenechte si ujít tento vícesmyslový zážitek v rámci festivalu Prague Music Performance.