Past events 

Attacca Quartet – POSTPONED

The 17th annual international music festival American Spring will resound in DOX+ offering the Grammy-winning Attacca Quartet. The ability to adapt both musical expression and technique to cover repertoire from the 18th to the 21st century.


AIGEL will arrive in Prague! We still have to wait a few months for the concert of this Tatar-Russian formation, which will perform in the Czech Republic for the first time, and the Czech band WWW Neurobeat, but their rap verses and great beats are definitely worth it!

BADIUCAO: Forgotten

Visitors to the new exhibition MADe IN CHINA have the unique opportunity to join the artist in a meditative performance for a series of works entitled Forgotten, which is dedicated to the child victims of world conflict...

BADIUCAO: Art Protest

In addition to the exhibition BADIUCAO: MADe IN CHINA, we will show the documentary film The Chinese Artist in Exile, followed by a meeting with the Chinese artist and activist Badiucao for a lecture and discussion.

BADIUCAO: Wuchan Diaries

Visitors to the new exhibition MADe IN CHINA, the first comprehensive exhibition of the Chinese dissident artist Badiucao, who has been described by foreign media as "China's Banksy", have a unique opportunity to meet the artist in a meditative performance for his project Diary of Wuchan.


This year's American Spring festival opens at DOX+ on May 10 with Uri Caine performing with the Moravian Phiharmonic under the baton of David Robert Coleman. The concert will feature the world premiere of Nein!.

Stockhausen: Aus Den Sieben Tagen

Aus den Sieben Tagen departs from traditional expectations of a concert: audience members are encouraged to move around during the performance, to be aware of their surroundings, to walk or even lie down, to think.

Jazz Night in the Air

Aboard the Airship Gulliver, Rodion Sun Lion will be presented in captivating jazz compilations in the company of members of the Farm in the Cave ensemble - top jazz musician Marcel Bárta and singer and performer Hana Varadzinová.

Listen 2x / üg

Contemporary music by the BERG Orchestra. Once is good, twice is better! Another evening in a special format „Listen 2x“. Discover the details of üg by French-German composer Mark Andre who will be present at the Czech premiere performance of his work.