Mood Indigo

30 Jun 2021, 9:00 PM

Let’s get straight to it, before we divert you

How much is the ticket? CZK 140 | Tickets can be purchased up to 6 p.m. on the screening date or starting at 8 p.m. at the DOX Centre’s ticket desk (Poupětova 1).

Where? At the Evergreen Terrace

What if it will be raining? We’ll be showing in all kinds of weather. In case of rain, inside the DOX+ hall.

We reserve the right to change programming. We comply with applicable government regulations against Covid-19. Earphones are thoroughly disinfected. Please bring your own blankets.

The entire Evergreen Summer Cinema programme is available here.

Evergreen Terrace
Poupětova 3, Prague 7 – DOXentrance 
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This cult novel – considered unfilmable by many readers – by French writer, poet, musician, playwright, and bohemian, Boris Vian, enthralled entire generations with its unfettered fantasy.

The idealistic and inventive Colin (Romain Duris) lives in a city where cars have their steering wheel in the trunk, people skate backwards, and a piano mixes cocktails, seeing only his friends Nicolas (Omar Sy) and Chicka (Gad Elmaleh). One day, Colin meets the love of his life, Chloé (Audrey Tautou). But fragile Chloé, who reminds Colin of his beloved blues by Duke Ellington, falls ill with an mysterious disease: a water lily blooms in her lungs. The illness has a fatal impact on the lovers' carefree world...

Paris and a great love story. Jazz, humour, absurdity, irony, freedom from care as well as bitterness, escapes into fantastic worlds, the sparkling colours of topsy-turvy reality, a desire to know the meaning of life. A visual joyride and escape from reality.

France/Belgium, 2013, 131 minutes
Director: Michel Gondry
in French with Czech subtitles

Based on the book:
original: Boris Vian, L'Écume des jours (1947)
English: Mood Indigo

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Is this the end?
No, it's the beginning.