6 Premieres

24 Mar 2024, 6:00 PM

Let’s get straight to it, before we divert you

How much is the ticket? General admission CZK 400 |  student, senior CZK 200 | sponsor admission CZK 1500 

The concert is organized by Prague Music Performance.

Multifunctional hall DOX+
Poupětova 3, Prague 7
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Prague Music Performance regularly initiates and launches premieres of new compositions. However, 6 PREMIERES is an entirely unique event. Six new works by four renowned composers - Roland Dahinden, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Jan Dobiáš, and Dag Magnus Narvesen - will be performed in one night. The audience will have the opportunity to witness completely different compositional approaches. Another dimension to this event is added by the different ways in which each piece will be presented. There will be not only internationally renowned soloists - the legendary German free-jazz pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach, Swiss pianist Hildegard Kleeb, award-winning Norwegian pianist Ellen Ugelvik, Czech experimental musician Mikulas Mrva, but also larger ensembles - the original and variable PMP Orchestra, the PMP Ensemble, and Dust in the Groove. 

Swiss composer Roland Dahinden's composition Talking With Trane will be performed by pianist Hildegrad Kleeb and the PMP Orchestra. John Coltrane’s compositions Giant Steps, Naima, and Spiral inspired Dahinden to have an imaginary conversation with the aforementioned artist. In his poieces, Dahinden employs rhythmic compression and overlapping scales and extends the specific sound of Coltrane's compositions into an orchestral domain. Another Dahinden composition, Action Music, notated in a graphic score, is inspired in the gestural paintings by Jackson Pollock and will be performed by the experimental ensemble Dust in the Groove.  

Didrik Ingvaldsen's composition I left Berlin two weeks ago.... will be performed by the acclaimed Norwegian pianist Ellen Ugelvik. The rendition will be unique for its improvisational parts, and will be presented with the PMP Orchestra. The other Ingvalsen's composition Mysteries has been inspired by a book written by Knut Hamsun. In his masterpiece of the same name, the author chronicles the story of a stranger who exposes the darkest human instincts and desires. The piece will be performed by Dust in the Groove. 

Norwegian composer and percussionist Dag Magnus Narvesen is the author of the piece Quod est in nomine? He invited the legendary German free-jazz pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach to premiere his work as a soloist. Czech composer Jan Dobiáš composed Dividing the Same for the PMP Ensemble and the Prague choir Doodles. 

Roland Dahinden, Didrik Ingvalsen, Dag Magnus Narvesen, Jan Dobiáš  
Dirigent: Roland Dahinden  

Piano - Alexander von Schlippenbach, Hildegard Kleeb, Ellen Ugelvik  
Percussion - Dag Magnus Narvesen  
Trumpet - Didrik Ingvaldsen    

Ensembles: PMP Orchestra, PMP Ensemble, Dust in the Groove, Doodles choir