8 Jun 2018 – 31 Dec 2019

We are the internet! Our world is changing. We are witnessing a revolution that for the last thirty years has been changing how we think, communicate, work, and spend our free time. The internet has become a tool and instrument of daily life. It has created a world that we plumb and simultaneously run away from. This process is irreversible and has permanently changed how our society works. This is one of the reasons why it is important to reflect on our situation and our position within it: we aren’t only witnesses to the digital transformation, we are all a part of it, passive or active.


Welcome to the data world! The #DATAMAZE project presents an “extended exhibition”. It combines the concept of an exhibition that is a work in progress with a workspace and library intended for activities and developing collaboration across areas and topics related to a critical reflection on our existence environment, with a lecture space.


Here, art becomes an intermediary that allows us to examine and reflect on our situation from an unforeseen, new perspective: art projects dealing with the world of computers and the internet make us realize how they impact us and how they are changing our lives and the world around us. The entire project is defined by an effort to critically examine the impact of the computer and internet culture on our daily lives. It is defined by key topics that are developed on several levels: first and foremost primarily as educational programmes and other activities for students, then as presentations of contemporary art and projects straddling the border between of art, design, and technology, and finally as attendant events – lectures, workshops, meet-ups, and fab labs for various groups and the general public.

The co-working space is open to collaboration, exploration, and learning from each other. We are confident that this creative environment will inspire individuals and groups interested in these key topics to initiate and work on their own projects.


A key element of the exhibition is the timeline of the internet, providing a clear overview of this medium’s more than fifty-year history, and presents not only important technological aspects, including key applications, but development of the relevant business environment as well.

Exhibiting artists:

!Mediengruppe Bitnik, Aram Bartholl, Paolo Cirio, Adam Harvey

We would like to thank Ars Electronica from Linz, Austria for providing the internet timeline.


Key topics:

Orientation in the digital environment, digital content: opportunities and risks, prevention and data security, the influence of cyberization.

The topic: privacy and safety on the Internet, metadata
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