Breaking Down Stereotypes

8. 9. 2017 - 8. 1. 2018

An educational programme for the OVER MY EYES: Stories of Iraq exhibition.

What do our stereotypes allow us? And how do they restrict us? And what can prejudice do? Large numbers of people continually head to Europe in an effort to escape war and poverty; let’s try to look at “our” situation from the other side, this time through the viewfinder of photographers in Iraqi Kurdistan. What images do we connect with contemporary Iraq? War, violence, militia, humanitarian crises, refugee camps.

The OVER MY EYES: Stories of Iraq exhibition offers a different perspective. It shows Iraq through the eyes of young documentary photographers, who capture less frequently shown fragments and slices of everyday reality: from the rocky wastes of the country’s northern border to common and uncommon situations from its interior or echoes of recent history, to the consequences of the interminable military conflict. Aside from more or less exotic photos of (un)imaginable narratives, we will explore how our prejudices are created and work, as well as how media and especially hoaxes feed our notions of that which we don’t see (with our own eyes). Finally, we will subject it all to critical reflection in a moderated debate entitled Experience of Various Perspectives.

We recommend including this programme in the following subjects: Art, Social Studies, Czech, History, Media Studies

Programme duration: 90 - 120 min

Target group: Grades 6-9, high school, special-interest groups

Programme price: 400 CZK/group (500 CZK/group in English) + exhibition admission

Exhibition admission: 40 CZK/student (free for accompanying teacher)

This educational programme must be ordered at least two weeks in advance.

Reservations and information:, 295 568 104

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