Past events 

#DATAMAZE: Hidden Layers

Cultivating sensitivity, even cautiousness regarding hidden layers in the world of the internet, new media, and technologies, and investigating their content and context is becoming increasingly importan.

The One World Festival at DOX

In its 22nd year, the One World documentary film festival revolves around the current climate crisis. DOX will show several feature films and a vast selection of VR films.


Amazing dancers from Europe and Asia meet to speak to us through their dance, as an urgent appeal to all those who eagerly consume products offered by corporations, bolstering their political and economic power.

Jiří David: I'm Here

Jiří David, a Czech multimedia artist and educator, who since the mid-1980s has exerted significant influence on the Czech art scene, presents his newest works, paintings both large and small, in an exhibition entitled I’m Here.

Petr Sís: On Flying and Other Dreams

The world of internationally renowned artist, author, and illustrator Petr Sís is a world of fantasy, great voyages, and adventures, reminiscences, and dreams. The protagonists of his books are adventurers, dreamers, aeronauts, sailors, and travellers – those who had the courage to freely decide, create, dream, and push the limits of human knowledge.

Contempuls Night: Prague Contemporary Music Festival

Farm in the Cave: Refuge

Context: Informing Architecture. A talk on Adjaye Associates' projects

Contempuls Night: Yarn/Wire (USA)