Past events 


PRSO presents Michal Rataj and Oskar Török's musical vocabulary in the DOX+ hall, which ranges from electronic ambient to club electronica to various positions of contemporary jazz; the second part of the evening will feature double bassist Jaromír Honzák with his new composition.


The unique production combines a physical theatre performance with live music and a film starring child actors of Farm in the Cave studio to communicate an urgent, yet widely overlooked, topic – the online radicalisation of youth. The performers' dynamic movement, the pulse of live music, and disturbing images together create an unusual insight into the digital darkness that most of us are – perhaps intentionally – unaware of.

ART*VR: Virtual Reality Film Festival

The first edition of the ART*VR festival, which will focus on immersive creation in virtual reality, especially on the topic of empathy in digital art.

ART*VR: Dimensions of Empathy

Curated selection of 10 VR projects explores exactly that: How virtual reality can, as a medium, help us in mutual understanding.


V F C is a feature-length bio-feedback enhanced cinema experience. Through a new multi-user adaptive audio technology, each viewer can hear a customized soundtrack generated in response to their real-time cognitive state, using an EEG headset and bone-conduction headphones.

Sara Baume: The Alphabet of Birds

A multimedia performance of a lyrical essay about the importance of impractical labour and compulsive creativity by acclaimed writer and artist Sara Baume on board the Gulliver Airship.

OPENING: It Is a Painful Thing to Be Alone: We Are But One

The opening of It Is a Painful Thing to Be Alone: We Are But One, an exhibition features the artwork of British artist, musician, occultist and sound magician Genesis Breyer P-Orridge who has changed identities and broken free from gender typecasts.

Thin Skin

A performance by established circus acrobat Eliška Brtnická and her hypnotic production Thin Skin at the interface of movement installation and contemporary circus in the spaces of the DOX Centre.

Music for Lights & Shadows

More than an hour-long mixture of music, picture and light was created by a group of seven leading Czech jazz composers together with an iconic Norwegian composer Helge Sunde. The Concept Art Orchestra is a foremost Czech big band, with a unique line-up for this occasion including a string quartet and electronics.