Khaled Jarrar: "Upcycle the Wall"

10. 3. 2014 from 18:00

Accompanying program to the Poster in the Clash of Ideologies 1914 - 2014 exhibition.

Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar works with photography, video, and performance to interrogate the problematic situation in his native country, particularly the question of recognition of the State of Palestine and the militaristic discourse around this topic. The notion of state authority is a recurring concern: his project Live and Work in Palestine (2011-ongoing) saw the artist design a seemingly official Palestinian passport stamp which was then offered to tourists arriving in Palestine. He had presented this project in 2012 during the Middle East Europe exhibition at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art and SPZ Gallery in Prague. In the summer of 2013, he showed at Ayyam Gallery London, where he built an imposing concrete wall extending across the width of the gallery, creating an allegory for the process endured by people crossing the apartheid wall in the West Bank in order to reach their homes in Palestine. Currently he is presenting his award-winning documentary entitled Infiltrators (2012) at the One World Film Festival.

A video walk through the Khaled Jarrar's Whole in the Wall exhibition at Ayyam Gallery, London.

Trailer for the film Infiltrators (2012).

Discussion will be in english.

Moderated by: Šádí Shanaáh 

Admission: free


In cooperation with:

DOX Prague, a.s