Family art workshop made to order

The DOX Centre offers families with children educational programmes from current catalogue for schools. All programmes are adapted to the needs of the specific family, which is assigned an instructor for the entire duration.


Try our new permanent Role(s) in Art catalogue. Take on important roles in art operations and get to know not only attractive exhibitions and subject matter, but also each other.

What role first?


As a viewer, would you like to find and have Art In Your Pocket? During a suspenseful search for art as well as non-art objects at an exhibition and art workshop, you will find out that everyone can be an artist.


Artists need courage, because they put their Bodies On The Line. Sometimes they must break established rules to explore the world or themselves. Often both, and often while taking risks.


A curator isn’t just the caretaker of a collection, but above all an expert who works with images. A specialist, who by placing images beside each other creates more and more new ones. What and how will the “Image DJ” exhibit? DJ Curator?


For younger children, an architect can be both builder and saviour: he’ll “finish telling” a tale of a run-down Holešovice factory that was transformed into a space that uplifts both the spirit and the mind. The always unique – Fairytale About a Factory.


For older children and teens, an architect knows that each place and each building affects us. How do we perceive this space? Along an inspirational journey through architectural gems, we will be given the opportunity to create our own vision – Space For Manipulation


More information and reservations:, Tel. 295 568 104

Programme length: 90-120 minutes

Admission: 900 CZK / 2 - 5 persons + 60 CZK / every other person (includes family admission to all exhibitions at the DOX Centre and a programme fee)

Meeting place: at the ticket counter at DOX, Poupětova 1, Prague 7

DOX Prague, a.s