Gauguin - Voyage to Tahiti – SOLD OUT

12 Jul 2023, 9:30 PM

Let’s get straight to it, before we divert you

Where? At the DOX Summer Cinema on the DOX+ terrace

How much are tickets? CZK 200 | members of the DOX Club 20% discount

How can I buy a ticket? Tickets can be purchased on-line, on the day of the movie until 7.00 pm, or from 8.00 pm at the DOX's ticket desk (Poupětova 1).

What if it rains? In case of bad weather, the movie projection will be cancelled. If the movie hasn't started yet, we'll refund your money.

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Terrace DOX+
Poupětova 3 – DOX+ entrance
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Tickets for the screening are sold out.

In collaboration with Edison Filmhub, we bring you a screening of Gauguin - Voyage to Tahiti as part of the DOX Summer Cinema

1891. Painter Paul Gauguin is already well-known in Parisian artistic circles, but is tired of the so-called civilized world and its political, moral and artistic conventions. Abandoning his wife and children, he ventures alone to the other end of the world, Tahiti, consumed with a yearning for original purity, and ready to sacrifice everything for his quest. Impoverished and solitary, Gauguin pushes deep into the Tahitian jungle, where he meets the Maoris and Tehura, his muse, who will inspire his most iconic works of art

Film version:
France, 2017, 97 min
Language: FR
Directed by: Edouard Deluc
Gendre: drama, historically, biographical
Age rating: 15+
Film is shown in the original language with Czech and English subtitles.

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